Meet Brenda!

Name: Brenda Dempsey

Grade: 11th Grade

Program: GTLT

Career aspiration: Regional (Level 4) NICU Nurse

Favorite Book: Finders Keepers by Stephan King or Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Why she’s awesome: Brenda is currently a member of Girls Today Leaders Tomorrow and is a junior in high school who enjoys playing the piano, reading, writing, and shopping. During the 2017-2018 GTLT Year, Brenda has been nominated by GTLT staff as someone who exemplifies leadership. She is very supportive of her peers and embodies responsibility and drive. As a result, Brenda was nominated and elected by her peers for GTLT’s Youth Advisory Council.  Last year, Brenda was nominated and selected to attend the CECAAL College Tour as a result of her academic success which she will attend this November. Brenda expresses that she enjoys GTLT as it is an outlet for her to be herself without judgment.

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Meet Jaysson!

Name: Jaysson Taveras

Grade: 5th

Program Site: D. Newlin Fell OST

Favorite Book: Spy vs Spy by Antonio Prohias

Career Aspiration: Soccer Player

Why he's awesome: Jaysson Taveras has been a part of the D. Newlin Fell OST Program for about 2 years. Shy at first, JayJay, as he is affectionately called, shows that he is full of personality after developing a level of comfort with peers and teachers. In program, he is helpful, outgoing and very good at chess (he defeated an 8th grader at Sharswood!). Additionally, JayJay does an outstanding job with performing other duties in his OST program and serves as a role model to all OST youth.

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Meet Paris!

Name: Paris Veal

Grade: 7th

Program Site: Sharswood MS OST – GEMS Program

Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Career Aspiration: Entrepreneur in the Beauty Supply Industry

Why she's awesome: Paris has been an active participant in the OST program since 2013.  Paris is a President’s Honors student who has maintained straight A’s and perfect attendance since Kindergarten.  Paris is outspoken, articulate and well mannered.  She is an active member of GEMS (Girls Empowered through Mentoring and Support) and has proven to be a vocal support system for her program sisters.

Paris worked this summer through our Career Exposure Program at United Communities and because of her outstanding personality and bravery, was the Culminating Events Emcee for the evening. She loves to read and is active in community service. Paris plans on attending Central High School after completing elementary school and then go on to attain her degree in Business from Harvard. Paris is a leader and excellent Role Model for her peers and younger!

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Meet Alex!

Name: Alex Ho

Grade: 2nd Grade

Program Site: Fell/Vare Summer Camp

Favorite Book: Three Little Pigs

Career Aspiration: Doctor

The Fell/Vare Summer Camp Program would like to nominate Alex Ho as its Student of the Month. Alex will be entering the 2nd grade in the 17-18 school year. Alex is a gracious student who loves to read. He is always very eager to help out his peers and teachers. Outside of camp, Alex enjoys playing with his older brother and watching Yu-Gi-Oh.


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Meet Cassie!

Name: Cassie Pittman

Grade: Graduating Senior!

Program Site: Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Favorite Book: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Career Aspiration: Veterinarian

Why she's awesome: Cassie has been a participant in the GTLT program for many years and states that she loves it so much because it allows her the space to be herself and help develop the leadership abilities of the young women coming up under her. In the fall, Cassie will be attending Community College of Philadelphia with the ultimate goal of turning her love of animals into a career by becoming a veterinarian! We will miss Cassie and wish her the best in all of her future endeavors!

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Meet Kelly!

Name: Kelly Perez

Grade: Kindergarten

Program Site: Vare-Washington OST

Favorite Book: I See

Career Aspiration: Nurse

Why she's awesome: As one of her program's youngest students, Kelly always attempts to show kindness and compassion for her peers. She is very helpful to her fellow classmates and the program staff. Rarely is Kelly ever seen not smiling and laughing with her friends. Academically, Kelly displays excellence on a daily basis. She completes her homework in a timely manner and loves to read books aloud. Kelly is truly an asset to her program and an example to her peers.


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Meet Than Than!


Name: Than Than Nain

Grade: 12th

Program Site: Furness High School

Favorite Book: Yellow Fever

Career Aspiration: Nurse or Medical Assistant

Than Than joined the Furness OST Music Club in the 9th grade with the intention of learning how to play the piano. Since then, she has tackled every challenge that was put in front of her. After spending her first two years in OST learning to play the piano, she decided it was time for a new challenge, and became the leader of the Furness OST Music Band. She has represented United Communities and Furness OST at many concerts and events, always surpassing everyone’s expectations.

As a student, she is even more phenomenal! Her straight A's landed her on the Honor Roll in 9, 10, and 11th grade, shes's had perfect attendance from 9th through 12th grade, and has received two congressional awards. Capping off a fantastic high school experience, Than Than learned that she has been accepted to the following Universities:

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Millersville University of Pennsylvania
  • Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
  • La Salle University
  • East Stroudsburg University
  • Harcum College

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Meet Yasmeen!

Meet Yasmeen!

Name: Yasmeen Bryant

Grade: 7th 

Program Site: Sharswood Middle School

Favorite Book: Twilight

Career Aspiration: CEO of a Spa and Cosmetology School

Yasmeen has been an active participant in the OST program since 2013. She serves as the Treasure for her OST Program's Youth Advisory Council and a member of the Journalism Team which works to produce a monthly newsletter. Yasmeen is also a member of GEMS (Girls Empowered through Mentoring and Support) and has proven to be a vocal support system for her program sisters.

At school, Yasmeen a National Honor Society Member for the last 2 years. As she loves to sing and dance, Yasmeen serves in the school choir and aspires to attend the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts in order to continue to work on her singing and dancing skills. Yasmeen intends to further her aspirations by attending a college focused on Cosmetology and dreams of one day opening a Spa and Cosmetology School.

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Meet Johnay!

Meet Johnay!

Name: Johnay Cranford
Grade: 10th grade
Program Site: GTLT
Favorite Book: After by Anna Todd
Career Aspiration: Nursing
Hobbies: Soccer, band, and lacrosse
What she loves about GTLT: We get to network with so many amazing people. We learn a lot about college and we visit different colleges."
Johnay is a cherished member of Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow, which she loves because she gets to interact with others! She always has a bright smile on her face and welcomes her peers. Johnay shows maturity and wisdom, never being afraid to ask questions. Despite being in the in 10th grade, Johnay is already thinking ahead to her future, often asking the same types of questions as her 12th grade counterparts!

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