Helping Families Stay Warm This Winter

The autumn is a very busy time for United Communities’ Client Services Department. Half of the department, the Benefits Access Center, is gearing up for the annual launch of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding on November 1st. LIHEAP, for those who may be unaware, provides a grant to qualified low-income families who have fallen behind on…

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Meet Jaysson!

Name: Jaysson Taveras

Grade: 5th

Program Site: D. Newlin Fell OST

Favorite Book: Spy vs Spy by Antonio Prohias

Career Aspiration: Soccer Player

Why he's awesome: Jaysson Taveras has been a part of the D. Newlin Fell OST Program for about 2 years. Shy at first, JayJay, as he is affectionately called, shows that he is full of personality after developing a level of comfort with peers and teachers. In program, he is helpful, outgoing and very good at chess (he defeated an 8th grader at Sharswood!). Additionally, JayJay does an outstanding job with performing other duties in his OST program and serves as a role model to all OST youth.

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