South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition August Events!

South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition (SPPC) will be keeping busy as the Summer winds down by doing some amazing things to really inspire our youth and families in the South Philadelphia community. The month of August will be especially busy! On August 2nd, SPPC will be having a Clean-Up Day and working on developing an Urban Garden Cafe at 8th…

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Meet Alex!

Name: Alex Ho

Grade: 2nd Grade

Program Site: Fell/Vare Summer Camp

Favorite Book: Three Little Pigs

Career Aspiration: Doctor

The Fell/Vare Summer Camp Program would like to nominate Alex Ho as its Student of the Month. Alex will be entering the 2nd grade in the 17-18 school year. Alex is a gracious student who loves to read. He is always very eager to help out his peers and teachers. Outside of camp, Alex enjoys playing with his older brother and watching Yu-Gi-Oh.


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Risk of Insufficient Sleeping Habits for Children and Youth

Risk of Insufficient Sleeping Habits for Children and Youth Getting good sleep is vitally important at any age, but especially for growing children. When children don’t get enough sleep, they’re at increased risk for: obesity hypertension (high blood pressure) mood swings behavioral issues such as aggression, depression, anxiety, inattention, and hyperactivity over-tiredness poor response inhibition/self-control poor response time and…

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Talk to Your Children About Smoking!

Parents can have a big influence on whether their kids smoke as attitudes and opinions about smoking set an example. Talk openly about the fact that you do not approve of your child smoking and help them think of ways to resist if someone offers them a cigarette. Did you know that most adult smokers had their first cigarette…

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Meet Cassie!

Name: Cassie Pittman

Grade: Graduating Senior!

Program Site: Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Favorite Book: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

Career Aspiration: Veterinarian

Why she's awesome: Cassie has been a participant in the GTLT program for many years and states that she loves it so much because it allows her the space to be herself and help develop the leadership abilities of the young women coming up under her. In the fall, Cassie will be attending Community College of Philadelphia with the ultimate goal of turning her love of animals into a career by becoming a veterinarian! We will miss Cassie and wish her the best in all of her future endeavors!

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Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow End of Year Celebration

GTLT’s 2017 Graduates! On June 10th, Girls Today, Leaders Tomorrow concluded a spectacular year with an End of Year Celebration at La Salle University. Dedicated GTLT volunteer, Justine Sloyer, opened the ceremony with a heartfelt narrative of her experience working with GTLT this year. Girls Inc. participant, Nasirah Huff and YWCA Tri-County Area participant, Abigail Krause emceed the event. Lorina Marshall-Blake, President…

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